The Sales Bible – Part 2

During our last Business Talk, we went over The Sales Bible – Part 1.  Now, we are going to continue with The Sales Bible – Part 2.

Below are 12.5 Values of a Sales Professional, taken from the book called The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer.

12.5 Values of a Sales Professional:

Value #1 –

The value of creating a difference between you and the competition – it’s about the point of separation (setting yourself apart from your competition).  The key is perceived value. Educate your customer to recognize the value.

Value #2 –

The value of knowing the difference between satisfied and loyal – being satisfied is not enough.  Loyal customers stay, fight for you, and refer.  They are your raving fans.

Tip #1 from us:  If you are a manager, measure how many referrals you’re getting.  Then break that down by salespeople. Who are getting the referrals?  They should be rewarded and celebrated because they can educate, communicate, and deliver as a spokesperson for the company.

Value #3 –

The value of your ability to speak and to be compelling – don’t be boring.  Engage them with great questions and ideas.  Help them with their challenges.

Value #4 –

The value of knowing everything or being too busy to learn – stay a student every day.  Expose yourself to education. Learn more and apply it to your personal life and/or business life.  Don’t ever say you’re done learning. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

Value #5 –

The value of establishing a friendly relationship – people will do business with their friends.  If you have a fantastic relationship but not a fantastic product, you’ll still get the sale.

Value #6 –

Value Humor – if you can make them laugh, you can make them buy.  Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you’re positive, you will have better relationships with others.

Value #7 –

Value your creativity; your key to being perceived as different lies in your creativity.  Creativity can be learned.  It’s really about problem-solving.  Help solve your customer’s problems.

Value #8 –

The value of asking for a sale – you have to ask!  It’s easy to do, but most people don’t ask. Most salespeople are afraid to ask for the sale.  False expectations appearing real (FEAR).

Tip #2 from us:  Ask for the sale at the beginning instead of at the end of the meeting? Have a checklist for yourself.  Did you ask for the sale?

Value #9 –

The value of your belief in yourself – to make a sale you have to believe you work for the greatest company in the world, believe you are selling the greatest product or service in the world, and believe that you’re the greatest salesperson in the world.

Tip #3 from us:  Go watch your product(s) being used.  Or talk to some of your raving fans who love your product(s) and have them sell you on it. Record it and have your sales team watch it.

Value #10 –

The value of being prepared – most salespeople are half prepared.  They know everything about themselves but nothing about their prospect, or a new client.  Do research and know why your audience needs or wants your product/service. To be different, do your research and be prepared.

Value #11-

The value of not whining and not blaming – be accountable and responsible; take ownership.  Others won’t like or respect you if you whine or blame or complain.

Value #12 –

The value of an apple a day – an hour of learning each day will make you a world-class expert of anything in 5 years.

Value #12.5 –

The value of a yes attitude – you become what you think about, and your attitude is at the core of every action you take. Positive thoughts = positive actions.

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