The Sales Bible – Part 1

Everybody sells.  It’s part of everyday life.  And selling is about influence.  We recently read a book called The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer.

In The Sales Bible , Jeffrey points out strategies on how to increase your sales influence.  He calls them the 10 1/2 Commandments of Sales.

The 10 1/2 Commandments of Sales:

#1 – Think

The sale is, or is not, in your head.  Ask yourself: What is my attitude today?  What am I thinking about this client? What am I thinking about the product or service I’m providing for them?

We were working with a sales team and one person was not selling products correctly (or making sales).  He said that he believed the products had no value and thought they were too expensive for their clients.  The owner said the products helped with his children’s breathing issues and stood by the products (he believed in them). The salesperson thought the products were just a way for the company to make money.  The owner saw the products as a need to his clients, but the salesperson had to believe in the products too.  

#2 – Belief

Believe in the company, product, or service, and yourself, or you won’t succeed.

It’s important, as a salesperson, to be able to describe to their team what a product is, and the why behind it. And if they still don’t believe, then they need proof.  Beliefs are broken and built based on proof. Ask your customers why they purchase from you (get proof).

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I believe in my company?
  • Why do I believe in my product and/or service?
  • Why do I believe in myself?
  • Why do I think my customer will be better off if they purchase what I’m selling?

Tip #1 from us:  Try this in your next sales meeting with your sales staff.  Take the time to do this, to allow your team to have passion about what they’re selling.

#3 – Engage

Develop personal engagement in processes, or don’t start the selling conversation.  Create a nice relationship of understanding and a foundation. Ask questions, smile, make a friend, and find a common link that you both enjoy (a connection).  Ask open-ended questions that create a conversation other than a yes or no answer.

#4 – Discover

People buy for their reasons, not yours.  Find out theirs first. Salespeople get so excited about sharing their product(s). They need to understand how to help people get what they need, and you do this by listening and asking great questions.  Ask them questions because some people don’t know what they don’t know. Discovery is the real sales!

#5 – Ask Questions

Ask the wrong questions, you get the wrong answers.  You’ve got to ask the right questions. Questions are at the heart of the sale.  Questions convert the selling process to a buying process. Questions uncover facts and motives.  What are their possible motives for buying?

#6 – Observing

Your ability to observe must be as powerful as your ability to sell and your ability to listen. Be aware of everything that’s going on around you. What can give you a clue about how you can build trust?    

Tip #2 from us:  Learn the 5 and 10 foot rule – When you’re 10 feet away, you smile.  When you’re 5 feet away, you say hello.

#7 – Dare

Have the guts to take a risk.  Be confident and willing to ask questions you need to know the answer to. The biggest gains come from the emotional parts.  

#8 – Own It

Know who’s fault it is when a sale is not made.  It’s YOU. Don’t blame yourself, take responsibility for it.  Be accountable for it. Don’t beat yourself up. It goes back to your mindset (#1).  If you beat yourself up, it works against you. But have a systematic way to be better next time.

#9 –  Earn

It’s about long term relationships; it’s not about now.  In order to earn, you have to sell for the relationship, not the commission. Long term relationships builds businesses.  It’s about their timing, not yours. If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune. It’s about long-term.

#10 – Proof

One testimonial is worth 100 sales pitches.  Get a video camera (or phone), call your best 5 customers, tell them to come over, and film them for a few minutes about why they use you for your products or services.

#10 ½ – To Become

You don’t get great at selling in a day, you get great at selling day by day.  Create great habits. Learn. Work on you!

Ask yourself this…as a leader, how much are you challenging your team to grow?  

To grow is to learn.  That is why we encourage you to read books like this one.  The majority of our clients are growing 10-30%, and they’re busy, but they still find time to learn (books, podcasts, conferences, etc).  And they apply what they learn at work. They have to grow personally to have business growth.

Tip #3 from us:  Start having your sales team read books and then discuss them at your sales meetings.  You can do this monthly, quarterly, twice a year, or yearly. 

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