“Small Changes, Big Rewards”

Pete:  “The simplest example is…a lot of us have tried to lose weight.  If you cut your calorie intake 120 calories a day, what do you think would happen in 5 years if you did that?  120 calories a day, which might be 1 can of pop, or half a donut, is about 14 pounds!!”

What are some examples of these small changes?

Peg:  “We have a company that we’re coaching and they want a result.  A result could be in sales, or in this case, culture. They want to create a better culture and they’ve decided they want to do new little habits.  Those are catching somebody doing something right, being inspiring, being that kind of leader, being caring, not pushing so much but stepping back and listening.  Those are few behaviors that are going to be small changes that they’re gonna do. And here’s the secret…how do you get that done? We want you to chart it. Create a chart of the things you’re going to do, that are small, that you’re going to do every day.  And every day you’re going to give yourself a score on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the greatest. How did you do? Did you do the best at that? And then have an accountability partner, whether it’s a wife, a co-worker, or a coach, that you show it to, to instill the change.”

How does it turn into team development?  How does it help everybody?

Pete:  “Another example is…we’ve got a department manager of a larger corporation who’s got 15 people, 12 out in the field doing mechanical work, 3 inside the office, and then one sales person who’s both in and out.  We’ve talked to him about spending 15-20 minutes a day with just one of those 15 people. Talk to them, get to know them a little better, maybe talk about a challenge they’re having at work that you might be able to help them with.  Then move onto the next person and do it every day for months. They’re in the process of doing this now, and it will have a huge effect on how well that team works together.  The ones that are doing great, you leave alone (but connect with them as well).  The ones that need a little help, or maybe that mass in the middle, what if we moved all of them up a little bit in six months?  Huge benefits for the business!”

What about those who have resistance to change?

Peg:  “It’s a belief system…we all have belief systems that we hold to be true or not.  A belief system can be broken by proof.  So, write down and celebrate what you do see that’s good.  Reward yourself on the activity. You will see results if you look for them.  Looking for the small results and recording them creates fact, which changes your belief, which changes your behavior, which creates consistency.” 

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