Team Work

Team Alignment

Paul J. Ford – Creating a leadership alignment and a plan for 2019.

Customer Appreciation Party

We had such a great time celebrating the success of many of our clients in January 2019!
Even the winter storm couldn’t stop us from the fun! We are so blessed to get to work with so many wonderful companies and people!

We also work with businesses in other states

Peg working with Schroeder Design Build. We don’t only work with local businesses, as this company is in Virginia.

Disc Behavior Profile Training

Peg working with Hylant Columbus team.

Vet Roundtable Event – September 2018

Congratulations to Jon Willette and his team, and Michelle his coach!!

Michelle’s client, 4 Points Development, has opened a new awesome residential and retail space on Lane Avenue @ the Ohio State University campus.

Peg and Pete spent the day doing an alignment with Jason and Nichole of JSJ Construction!!

Peg working with the team at Hylant Cincinnati.

When was last time you got your team together for an alignment?

We are so proud to announce that Paul J Ford won the Most Innovative Company at the Business Excellence National Awards in Feb 2018.

Their President, Dave Hawkins, accepted the award on behalf of the company.  The work that Dave, his team, and his coach, Peg Buehrle, have put in this year led them to this amazing success!

Coaches & clients learning together with Elizabeth McCormick, author of “You In The Pilot Seat.”  Fun and exciting learnings!

At conference with our clients in San Diego.

Thanks to our partners, Salem Communications, for putting on an online marketing seminar.

Great information and education will be shared for everyone.

What do you do when you need to get 1000 invitations out ASAP?

Do what we do and work as a team!

Making marketing a part of a family event!

It’s the holidays but we’re preparing for a great 2018.  Stuffing invites for a next six steps workshop!

Peg is working with the Cleary remodeling team on 2018.

What an awesome, fun, successful team.

Michelle and Peg are guiding the group through their 90-day plan.

Michelle and Peg working with Kimball on an exercise called “The Power of Word.”

Every person has a marker and goes around the room and writes something nice about every other person in the room.  Each person has a blank piece of paper on their back to accept the kind statements.


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