ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

This is a process for personally tailored leadership development. It is adjusted for the needs and specific challenges of any individual leader. We accelerate business results through developing a clear picture of the desired outcome, assess and evaluate alternate strategies to achieve success, then create confidence and accountability to execute in the business. The entire process is done in a way that promotes learning and development, business results, and positive outcomes for all involved. Generally held once per week for one hour, our sessions are focused, interactive and lead to measurable business success.

TEAM Alignment

This all-day session (6 hours) takes the team through a process to ensure they are all pulling in the same direction and executing the owner’s vision at the highest level.  Our coaches take the group through some basic information and training about high performance teams and strategies to become one. Collaboratively, the team determines their “Rules of the Game” to solidify the cultural boundaries as clear and positive. One focus of this essential team day is relationship skill-building which can affect all aspects of business, not only among the team but with clients and customers. The entire day in done in a way that is fun, interactive, positive, and encouraging. The concepts presented are as useful in your employees’ personal lives as they are in their business lives. Teams walk away closer and able to tackle the goals of your successful business.


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