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Pete McDowell & Peg Buehrle
Certified Business Coaches, Presenters, & Trainers

Pete is passionate about finding others’ strengths and helps leverage them to improve their business. He is a believer in refining business results by focusing on how we interact and communicate with other people. Although his direct professional experience is in manufacturing, he understands that in any business, as we help others succeed, our business will succeed. Pete and his business partner, Peg Buehrle, work with a variety of businesses across the country. Pete is an award-winning coach who has enjoyed helping others achieve their goals for the last 13 years.

Peg is a coach who focuses on improving and leveraging people skills to achieve dramatic improvement in business results. She has spent the last twelve years helping busy executives to increase their effectiveness, and business owners to improve results with less effort. Peg develops very close relationships with her clients, and helps them to do the same with their employees.  She is the winner of multiple global awards, and is a trainer of some of the best coaches in the world. Peg brings her competitive nature to work for your benefit every day!


Case Studies

M + A Architects
Design, Build, Remodel

Ohio Exteriors
Design, Build, Remodel

The Cleary Company
Design, Build, Remodel

Forward Design
Design, Build, Remodel


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