"We are in the business of improving business through improving people." - Peg Buehrle


Priscilla is a Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH Columbus, and is also the owner of Mindkind Entrepreneurial School in Dubai, UAE. She is a Human Resources and process improvement expert having worked in many industries such as steel, mining, nylon manufacturing, petrochemical, oil & gas, sales distribution, software, and retail. Prior to her Certified Business Coach designation in 2016, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences, Masters Degree in Human Resources, and an MBA. She worked as a very successful medical sales professional for some of the biggest medical companies.

She lives half the year in Columbus with her two grown children, and half the year with her husband in Dubai. She enjoys traveling, fitness, and living life passionately. 

As an entrepreneur coach, Priscilla leverages her depth of knowledge to help build high growth companies create better economic realities for themselves and their teams through guaranteed strategies, systems and team culture. With hands-on experience in emotional intelligence with her 23+ year career in HR and CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) Certification, NLP (Neurolinguistic Processing) expertise, and Certified Business Coach designation from ActionCOACH, she is able to successfully bring business teams to a fantastic attitude and culture.

Priscilla Khambatta Speaking



Phone: (614) 558-5656

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