Our team of Marketing pros ensures organic Social Media presence, without hiring a full-time marketing professional. We will post photos and videos that will ensure that your profile remains active so that you are reaching as many new targets as possible. It is important to keep your social media pages consistent, relevant and posted at least three times a week in order to stay relevant. Did you know that 90% of prospects research potential service providers on Facebook to determine their legitimacy?  Imagine what those social media posts can do! 


Our team of professionals can take over your page on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn to tell your story and assure that the right people are seeing your posts. The client will submit a photo with a very brief description to our team, and we create a professional post that will get higher engagement for your company’s page. This Organic Social Media presence is a marathon, not a sprint, to make sure that your potential customers know you are there for them.  Our team will continue to engage, respond, share and like their social media content is important to your clients as well as for your social media. Your very active group is gold — it is a great funnel for prospects and clients alike to learn from each other. Our team will develop a regular engagement/posting schedule and encourage interaction from your group. Welcome posts, accepting new clients, and leading them to your email funnel is important.


The new client onboarding process involves goal-setting, target market planning, and collaboratively looking at each aspect of the business. We find that most business owners know what kind of clients they want, but have not clearly defined who that client is. Our team helps your team hone in on their Perfect Client, or your PC — and adapts the marketing strategy to appeal to exactly that person. Getting to know your PC and their likes/dislikes, hopes, and dreams allows you to get your message to the exact people who want to hear it. Not only will our team manage the online brand presence of your company, we will handle day-to -day interaction with the connections that you will gather. Commenting, liking, and sharing their content is important.


You’ve got an inspiring message. Great copy and an effective subject line ensures more people see it! While customers’ inboxes are filling up with email advertisements, there are ways to help your message cut through the clutter. Our team helps you target certain messages to certain customers, and increase the traffic to your business. With client-provided blog content and topics, our team will edit, create email campaigns, and distribute your knowledge to your subscriber base. Management of all things Mailchimp (or other platform that you choose) can be taken off of your hands. This is just one more way to reach your client base — reaching 100% of the prospects 100% of the ways is important.


Your customers’ opinions of working with you can make or break your business. In fact, a recent study says that 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they trust a friend’s recommendation, and 91% of people look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. This makes reviews something that cannot be ignored. Let our team take the monitoring of reviews and promotion of positive ones off your hands.

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