For many small and medium sized businesses, hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, at an average salary of $176,000, is simply out of reach. Our Marketing Solutions allow you to have CMO-level strategy and fresh marketing ideas, affordably.


For the Business that needs a complete takeover of their marketing strategy, our team can handle it all! From Event Planning & Management to Social Media strategy & posting, direct mail campaigns, e-mail blasts, custom blog writing and more, our team steps in to be your in-house marketing department. The Marketing team can manage and execute:

  • Facebook Profile Management, posting & review management
  • Google My Business profile, posting & review management
  • Instagram strategy and posting
  • LinkedIn Profile overhaul for Company & Individuals
  • Direct Mail strategy, design & execution
  • E-Mail Marketing strategy, design, copywriting and execution
  • Oversight of television, radio, billboard, and other advertising
  • Engagement and interaction with prospective clients and their social profiles
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly blog writing (you choose the topic)
  • Event promotion and management
  • Takeover of other appropriate platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Yelp, HomeAdvisor/Angie’s List, and more.
  • Creative strategies that will make your future customers say “wow!”


Our Marketing Strategy solution places a CMO-level marketer in the chair on a fractional basis, and acts as a teacher, coach, advisor, and strategist for your in-house marketing coordinator. Our Marketing Strategists meet weekly with your in-house team, whether that is a Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager, or even an Executive Assistant or Office Manager to talk that week’s strategy, look over Social Media posting strategy, and act as a script writer, copywriter & editor for your direct mail, e-mail marketing, social media, print advertising, video, and more. It’s the goal of our Marketing Strategists to teach your team all of the tips and tricks that will lead to stellar results.


The Marketing Masterclass brings the best of education and expert strategy to your whole team. Our Director of Marketing, or Marketing Magician as we call her, Julie Easterling, will take the Owner, team member, or an entire firm through a minimum 6-month education program on everything marketing. Your team will be ready to succeed in Facebook strategy and posting, creating a winning LinkedIn company page & profile, Direct Mail strategies, cold calling like a pro, and more. Participants will join our Marketing team twice per month: one 60-minute virtual class and one 90-minute group strategy session based on the learning. During the group strategy session, participants can test their ideas with like-minded marketers (and aspiring marketers), get ad & post critiques, and so much more. BONUS: Each participant is eligible for one 20-minute emergency call per month with our team.


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Have the staff that is ready to execute the posting but need some great content ideas? We can help. Downloadable resource library, enough for a post every day, and easy instructions to add your logo to give your brand some traction. A monthly subscription allows for unlimited use of custom-designed resources added each month. BONUS: Copy and paste done-for-you captions are available for every image, tailored to the technical specifications of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



Blogging can be a great way to enhance Search Engine Optimization, establish authority as a business guru, and provide value to prospective and current clients. Our team of professional writers has done all of the writing for you! Downloadable, editable blog posts are available for a monthly subscription, with new blogs posted every week. Just add your examples and post them on your website, social media, and email marketing. Easy! BONUS: Grammar Police to the rescue! Subscribers have access to our writing team to edit the final draft one time per month.



The new client onboarding process involves goal-setting, target market planning, and collaboratively looking at each aspect of the business. We find that most business owners know what kind of clients they want, but have not clearly defined who that client is. Our team helps your team hone in on their Perfect Client, or your PC — and adapts the marketing strategy to appeal to exactly that person. Getting to know your PC and their likes/dislikes, hopes, and dreams allows you to get your message to the exact people who want to hear it. Not only will our team manage the online brand presence of your company, we will handle day-to -day interaction with the connections that you will gather. Commenting, liking, and sharing their content is important.


You’ve got an inspiring message. Great copy and an effective subject line ensures more people see it! While customers’ inboxes are filling up with email advertisements, there are ways to help your message cut through the clutter. Our team helps you target certain messages to certain customers, and increase the traffic to your business. With client-provided blog content and topics, our team will edit, create email campaigns, and distribute your knowledge to your subscriber base. Management of all things Mailchimp (or other platform that you choose) can be taken off of your hands. This is just one more way to reach your client base — reaching 100% of the prospects 100% of the ways is important.


Your customers’ opinions of working with you can make or break your business. In fact, a recent study says that 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they trust a friend’s recommendation, and 91% of people look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. This makes reviews something that cannot be ignored. Let our team take the monitoring of reviews and promotion of positive ones off your hands.

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