Make Your Own Luck

You’re lucky. You just might not yet realize it. But that can all begin to change by combining three elements – and yes, random chance does have something to do with it. The old belief is that the intersection of preparation and opportunity will bring you good fortune. Those help, but the best combination is random chance or opportunity, hard work, and talent. Luck, it seems, starts with you and your approach.  There are things you can start doing right now that will improve your luck.

Pay Attention

There are opportunities around you that you are either failing to recognize or failing to act upon. Identify them and get outside your comfort zone. Ask yourself what you can do to get outside your narrow focus. A couple of good ways to do this is by visiting a competitor or going to an event in another city.  Doing so will increase your vision.

Your mindset sets the tone for your company. To get a good read on the temperature of the culture you are creating, watch employees as they come into the parking lot and as they approach the building. Are they happy? Read their body language. Use these clues to help guide you in your efforts to make your company culture a positive experience.

Get Off the Beaten Path and Take Chances

Regular effort is rewarded with standard fruit. For greater enrichment and greater success, allow risk. Embrace it. Sometimes you or your team will fail. Learn to be okay with failure. In fact, count the failures because they are the steps you climb to success. This is how growth happens. Allow your team to take risks because this promotes buy-in, which in turn increases fulfillment and satisfaction in their job. So keep taking chances; it betters your odds for growth and success.

Think of Yourself as Lucky

Only 4-5 percent of start-ups survive past 10 years. To survive, you must be driven and relentless in your goal to never give up. You have some control over the outcome and believing that will encourage you to keep striving for new opportunities and success. Being optimistic squashes “learned helplessness.”  When people feel like they have no control over the outcome, they stop trying and become helpless. This can also happen by over-managing your employees. Lead your team to practice paying attention, persistence, and optimism for better results.

Six Things You Can Do for Self-Care to Promote a Good Luck

  1. Think Positive.
  2. Practice Gratitude. Express appreciation daily. A journal can be a helpful tool for this.
  3. Create Affirmations that reflect some truth but also aim to help you grow.
  4. It’s good for your whole being.
  5. Spend time getting your mind into alignment. (Recommended reading: The Answer by Assaraf and Smith)
  6. Read and continue to Learn. Invest at least 10% of your time in bettering yourself through learning experiences.

Good luck doesn’t just happen. You can respond and make a difference in the outcome. The question is, what are you going to do?

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Peg, Pete, Michelle

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