Why do people need to have good leadership at the top, in order to have a successful business?

Pete:  “You have to be able to inspire people. And in order to be a great leader you have to have followers. So you have to help them to want to jump on board to be with your company for a long period of time. That’s really want we want people to do. Inspire great employees to come and to stay.”

Lesson in Leadership #1 – Office Setting

The current leader didn’t want the job anymore. So, they hired a new person and they too left. It turned out there was a disruptive employee. They quit and two current employees stepped up to lead.

Lesson Learned:  Get out there and listen to your employees. Spend a little time in the field.

Pete:  “Visit offices if you have multiple offices. Visit some of the customers. Work with the employees. A certain percentage of your week should be one-on-one with your employees in all levels in the organization.”

Lesson in Leadership #2 – Construction Company

The company grew 30% in two years. The owner kept his hand in many things, working 80+ hours a week. The coaches helped him hire a couple new employees, one of which has taken on a leadership role.

Lesson Learned:   Delegate to other people because you have to be humble, be inspiring, be empowering.

Peg:  “Look at what amount of time you’re spending developing others. As a leader, your job is to develop and grow others, and allow them the opportunity to make that happen. If you’re taking on too many tasks that you know other people should be doing, take a look at your time card and figure that out. Delegate more.”

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