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This proprietary test for leaders of all experience levels helps leaders and aspiring leaders identify places to start to grow their skills. Once you've completed your assessment, you can start working on the specific skills that will make you better, every day.

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The Expert Leader has made it. They are filling only the roles in their business that they truly enjoy, their business is growing double digits year over year, and their team has called this place their home until retirement. Each team member understands exactly what they need to do to get the job done, and they happily do that and more. Every system is in place, every process is documented. The business owner can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


The Successful Leader has a strong, happy team, they're working less than they ever thought possible, and they likely went on a vacation this year, because they were able to step away from the business and it made money without them. Successful Leaders have taken time to work on their business, not constantly in their business, and the business is also successful because of it. The team culture is positive, and the customers are reaping the benefits.


The Average Leader has got a lot of this leadership stuff figured out. They have generally established some systems for success, they have a seasoned, established team, and the business is stable. The team comes to work and gets the job done every day, but turnover happens more than you would like. The leaders in the business are working a ton, but they have taken some strides to plan for the success of the business.


The Emerging Leader is generally a leader that has a few great strengths that have taken them far, but have not nearly reached their potential as a leader. Typically, the Emerging Leader is working too much as an employee of the business, and needs to move into the role of working on the business. Emerging Leaders have teams that depend on them to make all decisions, and the business doesn't run when they take a very rare vacation.


The Beginning Leader is generally someone who is working too much, making too little, and stressed & overwhelmed. Their businesses are often not profitable, and if they are, the leader is working double-time to make it happen. The Beginning Leader has a high employee turnover, that is, they are consistently losing team members to better opportunities, and hiring new.

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