Do you reflect the mood of the office, or do you create it?  

Peg:  “Some people call it the soft stuff, and that really drives me nuts because really, it’s what it’s all about.  People will stay at your place and leave based on the mood and the environment in the culture.”

Pete:  “Think about it…whoever your competitors are, they’re all in the same business from a technical standpoint.  How you get along with other people, whether it’s your employees, your customers, or subcontractors, yourselves, that’s your edge. That’s the game. That’s the thing that can really create a great business.  

Characteristics of a leader who gets pulled in by the emotions and feelings of others…

Peg:  “You might see them getting charged with frustration or you’ll see tears, or possibly yelling.”

Pete:  “If the mood of the office is sour, they’re sour.  If the tone is negative, they’re negative. And that’s not really what we need.”

Leaders Who Mirror Others’ Moods

  • React, Create Negativity
  • Lose Your Cool
  • Being Harsh, Demanding
  • Cursing, Lashing Out
  • Erode Trust with Responses


Pete: “Let’s say you have a group of 10 employees, and you do some of that, and you’re a leader…if a couple of them are offended, that’s a bad thing. That’s what they’re gonna focus on, and not the business purpose of what we’re trying to get across.”

Creating the mood of the office…

Peg:  “One thing we like to do is spell it out.  Spell out what you want. We’re working with a team right now where they said they want to be a happy place, they want to be a positive environment, they want people to look forward to coming to work.”

Pete:  “If you’re a leader, manager, or owner of a business, when the workload or the stress level gets high, and your customers are demanding a lot from you, how do you react? How does the team react? And what can you do to lower the stress level a bit? Can you help people prioritize their work? Can you bring a pizza in? Can you make sure you say hi to everybody?”

Leaders Who Create Mood

  • Staying Calm
  • Provide Direction, Support
  • Set an Example
  • Balance Stress with Levity
  • Inject Dose of Perspective 

Peg:  “Ask yourself everyday…are they seeing me sweat? Never let them see you sweat.”

Inject a dose of perspective…

Pete: “Let’s get the information, let’s figure out what our options are, let’s pick one, and let’s do it.”

Final thoughts on good leader behavior…

Pete:  “As the owner of a business, leader of a department, we’d love to have people take ownership for the mood of the office.  If it’s dropping down a little bit, your job is to charge it up a little bit. And if people are getting excited, calm everybody.” 

Peg: “Be positive on every level, and everybody will follow.”

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