I am expert in my field, how can a coach help me?

Even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have a coach. Why? Because Tiger can’t see his own swing, and Michael can’t see his own jump shot form. Just like these experts, having a coach is an essential part of their success.

Unlike a business consultant, a coach is not going to come into your business, charge you a large fee, tell you what to do, and leave you to execute their plan. Your coach is going to be there to analyze the business and your team, hold you accountable for the actions that are specific to your growth, and be the advisor for the entire team on culture, financials, systems, exit planning, succession planning, recruiting, training, hiring, and more. It’s lonely at the top, and business owners gain a confidant that has been there.

What does coaching look like?

Our clients choose the methods that work for them and their business, in time commitment, cost, and schedule.

  • ONE ON ONE COACHING: For companies wanting the highest rate of business growth and the most personalized attention. Your certified business coach and executive coach meets weekly for one hour, every other week for 2 hours, or twice a month for one hour, in order to create a plan, address business and personnel issues, and hold the executive accountable for actions and results. One-on-one coaching clients receive an invitation to our President’s Roundtable, an invitation-only networking group meeting quarterly and includes the Presidents and C-Suite executives from our small and large companies. This tight-knit group gets together to learn, network, and enjoy a cocktail while learning about each others’ business and a group-chosen topic. Often, these executives work together to build each others’ businesses.
  • COACHING CO-OP: Exclusive to ActionCOACH Columbus, this new program is perfect for smaller businesses or a sole proprietor. Your certified coach meets with a small group of business owners twice a month for 90 minutes, and the cost of coaching is shared among the group. Each business owner receives direction and guidance on their individual business, and learns from the other businesses in their co-op. 

Unique to ActionCOACH Columbus, we have complimentary benefits included in the coaching fee. 

  • GROWTH CLUB: Planning your strategy for your business is essential to every facet of a successfully-run company. Bring up to 4 members of your team to share in learning, networking, and planning your business every 90 days.
  • ACTIONCOACH JUNIOR: It’s never too early to discover your personality superpowers! Let our team teach the younger generation about mindset, personal growth and fun in a relaxed environment.
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