Pete:  “We go to two conferences a year.  One is North America (called the Business Excellence Forum) and we bring together our clients and our coaches.  We bring outside speakers in and high level folk, and they talk about business and relationships with people, and how to motivate.  As part of it, we have a big formal dinner, and then we have awards for all the clients.”

Peg:  “There are different categories and it’s very competitive.  The categories we concentrated on are the Best Culture in North America and the Biggest Community Impact in North America. Those are the two categories we went after. There’s also CEO of the Year, Fastest Growing, Best Retailer, etc. We went after those two.  And we won those two.”

M+A Architects won Best Community Impact.

What were they doing to win this award?

Pete:  “They have a business of about 100 employees.  They’ve been in Columbus for many years, they’ve been growing very rapidly and they’ve got a good mixture of young workforce, so newer architects that are relatively new out of school and some guys that are older and moving on, and they have been a huge benefit to the community around them.  They do things with Dress for Success, donating clothing to folks, and they do a lot of other things they get their employees involved in and give them time to go do. They do all kinds of different things. Enough things for everybody to get interested in something.”

Paul J. Ford won Best Company Culture.

Why is it so great to work over there?

Peg:  “Paul J. Ford is a structural engineering company, and they have around 100 employees.  We ask our clients to submit for a certain category because we see it. We walk in and we talk to the employees, and what’s neat about Paul J. Ford is their employees filled out the essays and applications for the culture.  So, it came from the employees. They reward their teams, they recognize them, they create a great environment, they treat their teams well.”

Pete:  “The have a great onboarding process, so they’ve hired a lot of new engineers. They’ve brought a lot of new people on in the last two years.”

Peg:  “They were able to document it, and show it, and it was very competitive.  There were 8 finalists and they ended up getting the award this year. We were very proud of them.”

Working with them as their Coaches.

Pete:  “We’ve worked with M+A Architects 11 years.   They’ve gone through a lot and they’ve grown rapidly.  They’ve gone from about 38 employees to almost 100 now.”

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