What our readers are saying

Rick Schmeltzer

"I have worked with Peg & Pete for over ten years. They have helped me as a leader with my ability to focus and maintain a positive outlook that affects my entire team. They have helped us become more effective as a team by obtaining alignment, ensuring open and honest communication. This has led to consistent improvement in business results."

- Rick, COO, Air Force One

Amy Brogan

"Peg & Pete have helped me grow my business, hone my leadership skills, gain confidence, and develop my team into better leaders. They've also aligned my team to reach toward the same goals." 

- Amy, Owner, Kelley Dental Laboratory

Mark Daniels

Peg and Pete are great at what they do because of who they are. Let them guide you to use “The Honest Truth” principles to become the Leader you know you can be.  

During the most challenging time of my life - both personally and professionally - Peg and Pete came into my world, and suddenly things began to shift. Opportunities I hadn’t seen before became apparent, challenges turned into opportunities, and I found my newly lifted spirits serve me individually and the firm collectively.

- Mark, President, M+A Architects