We’re very proud to introduce you to our very first Guest Coaches, the owners of family owned Puptown Lounge in Columbus, Ohio. Who better to offer advice to Business Owners than ones that have been through it! We have so many success stories, we’re going to let them share their wisdom. Peg and Pete kicked off the series last week, and put their Business Owner hats on, rather than their coach hats. In case you missed it, their advice is here.

Cliff and Sarah are the brother-sister dynamic duo behind the doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming enterprise Puptown Lounge. Puptown has grown to two locations, and provides customers with an outstanding experience for their furry friends. They are committed to providing a fun, stress-free environment where pets will thrive while the owner is away, whether it be for the day or for an extended stay.


We’ve owned Puptown Lounge for 13 years.


We thought it would be a fun way to make money, surrounded by dogs! We also saw our mom, Cheryl, who successfully ran a grooming business for many years. We knew that we had the skills to make it work, and now our mom works at Puptown as a groomer.


  1. CREATE A BUSINESS, NOT A JOB. We love this! If you are one of the many business owners working in your business every day, and you feel like the place would fall apart without you there, then you don’t own a business, you own a job. There are a lot of businesses out there that if the owner walked away, whether to retire or other circumstances, that the business just closes the doors and the business is sold with little value.
  1. START WITH THE END OF THE BUSINESS IN MIND. Having a plan to walk away from the business whether it’s a sale, retirement, or an assignment to family, is a great way to start. The reality is that business owners sometimes don’t even have the end in sight, much less have a plan for it. Great advice, Cliff & Sarah!
  1. HIRE PEOPLE FOR THEIR ATTITUDE, NOT THEIR SKILLS. This is a great piece of advice. Great people with a great attitude can make or break your business. You can have a stellar training program to teach skills, but attitude is hard to adapt. We know that the team at Puptown is great – if you take your dogs there you might even see Peg’s daughter and Julie’s daughter!

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