We’d like to introduce you to our newest coaching team… our most successful clients, or as they’ve now been named, our Guest Coaches. Ever wanted to know what advice they would give another business owner?

One of the things of which we are the proudest is our client community. Each client has a place in our client community, which is made up of leaders of all ability levels, business sizes, industries, and leadership styles. This exclusive group participates in our quarterly President’s Roundtable, GrowthCLUB, and many more. They travel with us to larger ActionCOACH conferences to learn from other coaches and business owners. And most importantly, they’re giving. They help each other in business by utilizing each other’s services. They genuinely want each member of the community to grow, thrive, and live life like they’ve always dreamed.

What better way to give back than to help our readers grow their businesses too?

To start things off, we’re going to let our not-so-guest coaches, Peg and Pete, tell us about their journey to business ownership.


We’ve been ActionCOACHes for 17 years. We each bought our own franchises, and became Certified Business Coaches about a year apart. One of the best things about ActionCOACH is the value of abundance, meaning that coaches don’t act as competitors, they help each other. So we were co-hosting a seminar with a couple of other area coaches and Peg’s dad Denny (who was a small business owner for many years) was at the event. He was actually the one that suggested that Peg & Pete work together. We coached a few clients together for several months and loved working as a team. We’ve been partners ever since.


We started our business so we could have control over our time, and help many people in the process. We’d both worked in very high level leadership roles for many years – Pete running unionized chemical plants and Peg running radio stations – but none of them afforded us the ability to control our own destiny. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about? We thought that if we could help other people be wildly successful along the way, we would love what we do.


First, people are everything. The right people can make all good things happen. Be constantly on the lookout for people who have the culture fit, the skills (but not necessarily the experience) and most importantly the right attitude.

Second, keep a hold of your fixed expenses, like office space, payroll, and more. Without a great handle on what you are spending, you might be in trouble when business is slower.

And third, make sure that your work, and the environment that you create for your team, is fun. You know we love to enjoy our work, and that is intentional. When work is fun, and business ownership is fun, then you are so much more productive and your business can make your life better.


Look for more Guest Coaches in the very near future! We can’t wait for you to hear from them!


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