Innovation! Change! Creativity! Thinking outside the box! All of these are business buzzwords that are captivating the minds of Business Owners everywhere. The reality? There’s very little about the basics of business and growing a business that have changed. So many experienced people have been successful before.

Especially when times get tough, we often see Business Owners and Leaders doing a 180 on their original plan. If Plan A is not working, then it must be Plan Z that is effective. But all of that change all at once causes just one thing: chaos. If you’re ready to start reinventing the wheel, here’s some considerations:


Our friend and fellow coach Garry Kishbaugh tells the story of Chick-Fil-A’s food versus McDonalds. Chick-Fil-A tends to stick with the things that are successful on their menu. Really good chicken. Rarely do they add anything that is too stark of a variation of a really good chicken sandwich. And it works. But what about McDonald’s? McDonald’s does burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, Egg McMuffins and Coca-Cola really well. But have you ever heard of a McSpaghetti? Yep, that’s real. A McLobster? Absolutely. McHotDog? Onion Nuggets? You bet. This is a case of reinvention gone wrong.

Innovation is great. It’s how we learn and grow, and how technology, processes, and services get better. But reinvention completely ignores all the things that have gone right. Reinvention causes chaos by haphazardly changing everything at once. Do we all want every single thing to go better in our businesses? Absolutely! But focusing on small changes with a clear strategy and plan is the way to truly innovate.


When we teach classes, we always start with the same slide, “I KNOW!” with a red circle and a line through it. If you’ve ever parented a teenager you are intimately familiar with this phrase. “You have to get in the car now if you want to be on time to school. I KNOW!” (Actual conversation heard at Julie’s house this morning) I’d bet they’re going to be late (she was).

The reason we avoid saying “I KNOW” and replace it with “isn’t that interesting” is that it immediately opens you up to new ideas and allows your mind to innovate. Saying I know is the fastest way to shut your brain off from new ideas. Being a “know-it-all” doesn’t allow your business to grow, either. Proven systems, processes, and more don’t always have to be reinvented – you might just need to be open to learning why they may work for your business. Whether or not you are an expert. Chances are, someone is more expert than you in an aspect of your business.


“Business is this: Sell something for more than it costs you to make. Rinse and Repeat. Make a profit.” – Lucy Whittington. Is the process or system that you’re trying to implement just too complicated? Are there 100 strategies to meet your goal when there should just be 3? Are there simply too many goals? Overcomplicating your business can cause not only you to lose sleep, but can elevate the stress level for your employees, vendors, and customers.

As coaches, we can look at your systems and processes, marketing strategy, and employee engagement to see if there are ways that we can simplify. Remember, if you’re overthinking this you’re only causing yourself to feel distress and restlessness that if left unchecked can lead to stress and anxiety. Burnout for employees couldn’t be more important right now, especially as the labor market shrinks.


Simply put, stop making this business thing so hard. If you’re constantly trying to reinvent your business, rather than getting really darn good at the aspects of your business that are most hurting your progress, then your business is going to go at a much slower pace. Take a deep breath, have a trusted advisor or coach take an honest look at your business, and select just a couple of things to innovate. You’ll thank us.


Are you overthinking your business? Are you feeling stress as a Business Owner? Are you having trouble keeping great employees? We can help. Schedule your free, no-obligation business analysis today.

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