In any situation, there are people that seem to have it all together. Parents, other students, and yes, Business Owners. Have you ever met them? They’re loving life, making plenty of money to go on vacation often, make charitable donations as often as they breathe, they’ve got the best of the best working for them and that team is happy to be there. Meanwhile, we often see Business Owners who are stressed, mentally and physically burned out, haven’t had a vacation in years, and have a revolving door of employees that just don’t seem to want to stay. The reality is the differences between the people that have it all and the people ready to give up are very slim. They all got into their business because they had a passion for it or their family, they are smart, they are committed to their business, and they care about their employees.

What’s the difference then? The “secret sauce” of business leadership is accountability, drive, having a sounding board, and a community of like-minded business owners. All that is accomplished with one thing: a coach.


It would make headlines if for some reason one of the Olympians in Tokyo right now showed up without a coach. In fact, it would be headline-making if they didn’t show up without a team of coaches. Even little leaguers have coaches. Singers have coaches (teachers). Musicians have coaches (teachers). Actors have coaches, whether for dialect, voice, acting, or even physical training. Every student in school goes through life with a series of teachers, who are academic coaches. Just about every elite profession in the world enlists coaches, and that practice is not unusual, it’s expected.

Why then when we invest our lives, our family’s livelihood, and the livelihood of our employees into our business, we think that we can go it alone? In fact, “I’ve got this” has become a badge of honor. So the Business Owner, who very likely never learned skills like leadership in their courses of study in college, is flying blind and is left to their own devices. Are we saying that a Business Owner can’t succeed alone? Certainly not. But why leave something so critically important to chance?


This morning’s workout involved doing a boatload of squat jumps. When that computer voice tells you that you have done 40, and no one is looking, I’ll be the first to admit that 42 was just as good as 50 because my thighs were on fire. But if I had a coach standing next to me, pushing me to accomplish the goal, I certainly would have accomplished 50, and likely be pushed to do 60. We once had a client tell us that the experience of coaching was “Peg putting her foot on top of mine on the accelerator and not letting me take my foot off the gas.” Having that accountability partner on a weekly, or even daily, basis to keep you on track is a recipe for massive business growth. And this particular business leader has led the team to triple their revenue in 6 years. Not too shabby.


Why does Tiger Woods have a golf coach? Surely he knows everything there is to know about how to be great at the game. Simply? He can’t see his own swing. But his coach Hank Haney can see the littlest thing that could make all the difference. Simone Biles has Cecile and Laurent Landi. Michael Phelps has Bob Bowman. These coaches work on the technical aspects of the game, the accountability piece, and the mental game that it takes to accomplish the superhuman athletic success. The best coaches recognize little things and charge forward when it’s safe and can be successful. Simone Biles said of her coaches “gymnastics is supposed to be your safe place, but some days it wasn’t, they understood that. So, to keep me safe, they’d just say: ‘You need a mental break. Just go home and relax.’”

Your business or leadership coach can do the same thing for you. There might be a process that would make things easier. An expense that is out of control for your industry. A person on your team that needs to go. Or that you simply need to take the day off and go to your child’s baseball game. Your coach can see these things that you can’t – because you’re in it every single day.


Anyone who knows Peg knows that she’s ultra-competitive. And if she sets her mind to something, she will make it happen. Her goal last year as a beginning cyclist was to cycle 50 miles for Pelotonia, and she set out to reach that goal. But so many people acted as her coaches and she listened. She listened to advice, took encouragement and turned it into action, and had to call her supporters and tell them that she had reached even the little goals which kept her accountable. And that 50 mile goal was reached easily, and we all got to congratulate Peg and her husband John for their first 100 mile ride this past weekend. What a huge accomplishment. With coaching and accountability, the best got even better!


When you are ready to become an elite business owner, an elite leader, an elite salesperson, do what the elites do in other fields: hire a coach. Hire an advisor. Hire a mentor. Invest in yourself. Invest in the success in your business. With the right people on your side, you can take your talent, intelligence, and drive and turn it into magic. And if you choose to invest in yourself by hiring our coaches, we guarantee your results.


Ready to invest in yourself? Is it time to get some help for your small business? Are you interested in learning more about what business coaching can do for you? Does your team need a leadership coach? Do you need some help with your marketing strategy? We’re ready to help. Schedule your free, no-obligation business analysis today.

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