As we onboard new clients for our Social Media Marketing service, we are seeing a lot of the same “misses” in their Social Media strategy – many that the Business Owner had no idea was happening. 80% of internet users use some form of Social Media, and a whopping 92% of people research a company on Social Media before making a buying decision. Good or bad, the reality is that consumers trust the opinions of strangers on Social Media more than the opinions of their own friends and family members.

We get it – Social Media is a pain, and it takes a lot more time than you think. A common strategy is to have a Gen Z or Millennial team member post things to the page, but this more often than not comes with little real over-arching strategy. But because the importance of your positive presence on Social Media is so critical, making sure that your company is “real” online requires a little more focus.


Video is one of Facebook’s top priorities – in fact, Mark Zuckerberg has said that he wants to surpass Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube as the number one streaming service for video. Because of this, video gets priority in the Newsfeed algorithm. 80% of the best performing posts of all time are video! What we see out there is the companies are producing very high quality video, and they’re sharing them with their audience by linking to the company’s YouTube page. This is good, right?

If you are posting a link to your YouTube video, it is read by Facebook as a link, no more. So you’re doing all the work, and not getting credit for it. Just one simple change by posting that video natively to Facebook more than doubles the reach of it. The video auto-plays when the user is scrolling through their feed, and if they’re hooked in the first second, then the likelihood of them watching the whole video is increased as well. Linking to YouTube tells the user that in order to get the content, they have to click, which although it sounds silly, is just too much work. Facebook doesn’t give priority to things that make the user leave the app, because like every business, they want to keep you in their store instead of going next door.


I talked with a Business Owner recently who didn’t think that Facebook was working for them, and they were right. But when I dug into their page, they hadn’t posted anything since November of last year. And before that, only a handful of times. All Social Media requires that you keep posting, multiple times per week, even multiple times per day, in order to keep your account active and in your customers’ feeds. You got that person to follow your page, which is half the battle. Keeping you in their feed is a much bigger challenge. The way to do that is to post content. And without having a plan, and executing that plan, then you disappear.

On your own personal feed, have you ever noticed that you see the same 20-30 people every single day? That is not an accident. You could have hundreds of “friends,” like or follow hundreds of business pages, and be a member of 100 groups, but you’re only going to see the updates of what Facebook thinks will keep you on the app. These are the things that Facebook knows you’re going to interact with, be interested in, or even feel solidarity with. So keeping the customer engaged in your page is the way to go. For more on this, I always recommend the documentary The Social Dilemma, which is available on Netflix.


At any networking event, or even a party, there are a few distinct types of people. There’s the social butterfly, who knows every name in the room, and is making deals left and right. There’s the wallflower, who talks to few people, and is pretty much standing in the corner, and then there’s everyone else. The same goes with the interaction on Social Media. Being a wallflower is not going to pay off as much as someone who comments, acts as a cheerleader for others, and shares other businesses’ successes. Even just someone who comments “thank you” to the person who says they like the work that the company did.

The more you interact with people online, the more they interact with you. And everyone likes to be recognized for things that they have done. So respond to those reviews (even the negative ones, but that’s a topic for a different day), leave a comment on someone’s page as yours, or share a post of a business you admire.


With a strategy focused on keeping the voice, content, and approach across many platforms, you will start gaining customers. And be patient. A really great strategy can take months to come to fruition. But with simple changes to your everyday interaction, you’re going to be well on your way!


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