Over the last few weeks we’ve explored goal-setting for your team, for you as a leader, but what about making sure that your team is focused, getting along, and working toward achieving your company’s goals? One of the #1 things that you can do to put the pedal to the metal is increasing Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement is measured and defined in different ways for every company, and many companies do at least an annual review of their employees’ engagement. But at its core, Employee Engagement encompasses all of the emotional components of an employees’ job. Essentially, it’s a measure of an employee’s connection to their workplace. Connected employees are happier, more productive and less prone to turnover, an extremely costly problem.

How can your team connect with each other in the New Year? Here’s some great ideas, some that are and have been used by our fabulous clients:


An employee challenge gets everyone going and having fun, together! Michelle said at the Veterinary practice she ran for 18 years, they did a voluntary Biggest Loser competition where they challenged each other to the greatest percentage of weight loss. It was a great way to eat healthfully together, keep the team accountable, and share in some fun! We’ve had many different kinds of businesses participate in these challenges.

Carrie Boyd at M+A Architects and her interior design team have a 3:00 plank challenge. Every day, no matter where the team is, they do plank workouts to combat that afternoon slump. She said it’s really fun!


Michal Cheney, owner of No Drip Painting, a commercial and residential painting contractor, gets her leadership team together once a week and they are currently listening to the audio version of a book. They listen for 15 minutes, and discuss during their meeting how what they have read could affect their business. It sparks some great discussion.

Dr. Devon Horne at Clintonville Animal Hospital bought copies of the book Law of Attraction for her team, and they all read it together as a book club. If you haven’t read that book, it’s a great one about positive mindset and can apply in all areas of life.

Amy Brogan, owner of Kelley Dental Lab in New Albany, Indiana has her team reading a book together as a book club too. She has had great success with this bonding activity.


Dr. Laurel Beck at Good Life Veterinary Care had an amazing idea. With all of the talk about themes for business goals, she picked a theme for her Employee Engagement this year. She picked the theme of “Pursuit of Happiness” and with that theme they are picking a word for every month that rolls up into the theme. Every month Dr. Beck is doing activities and other events around the theme.

For example, this month’s word is Gratitude. She purchased journals for every employee, and they are responsible for writing 3 items of gratitude in their journal every day. She also put a large chart in the employee breakroom for each team member to write one item of gratitude daily to share with the group. Team members will be recognized for participation. We love this!


We’d love to hear about your team’s engagement activities! Share them with us at coaches@actioncoachcolumbus.com, or comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages with your wonderful ideas!


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