This is the third in a 3-part series getting you and your business ready for 2021. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

OK, so you’ve got your theme established, your goals identified and smartified (yes, that’s a word around here), and you’re ready to take on 2021! Right? Not quite yet. The very last step in goal-setting for a business is turning those measurable goals into strategies.

One of Pete’s favorite explanations of this is the Island Example. Let’s say that your goal is to take over a specific island within 3 months. Great! Specific (we’ve identified the specific island), Measurable (we know that taking over the island means owning it), Achievable (it’s a tiny little island), Relevant (our theme this year is having more colonies), and Time Bound (3 months).

The most important thing you need to do in order to achieve your goal is to come up with strategies to make the goal happen. You could use your Navy to send ships to take over the island. That would take tactical planning, procuring the ships, and assuring that there are enough sailors to execute the mission. All strategies. You could use your Air Force and fly over the island and parachute onto the island. You could use diplomatic negotiations to negotiate colonization. All of these strategies point to the common goal: taking over the island. We often find that Business Owners’ goals are really strategies to meet a much larger goal.

We know that many of you will not be colonizing an island this quarter. But here’s a couple of tips to make the achievement of your goals a reality:


Just like taking over an island, there are many steps that could be in place to reach your goal, some that you may not have thought of. Get together with the entire team and develop a plan of attack. Is your goal to increase customer leads 10% by the end of the first quarter? One of the steps would be to make sure that you have enough staff on the phones making phone calls. Do you have enough phones to actually make the phone calls? Plan where those leads are going to come from.

Are you a dentist or doctor that wants to decrease chair time by 10% overall? One of the strategies would be to be sure that all tools and equipment are properly organized so they are easy to find during a patient visit.


Just like your SMART goals are Time Bound, your strategies also need to fit into a written timeline. Write it down in a planner. Remember, not all strategies need to happen at once. Look at the total workload of strategies in your planner and make sure that each one is able to be executed in the time frame. When we talk about our island example, deploying airmen with parachutes should not be the first strategy. Procuring airplanes, hiring and training the airmen, planning for the timing of the attack, fueling the plane, and taking off from a planned airport all come before hitting the button to deploy the parachutes. Be sure to make sure that all of the strategies leading up to the “big event” are planned.


If you have the perfect timed plan of attack, having no one assigned to do each task or execute the strategy makes the strategy fall flat. For each and every step of the way, assign an actual person to be responsible for each strategy. Make sure that person knows that they are responsible for the strategy, and be sure that they are clear on what they have to do. The Business Owner can be responsible for some strategies, but more often than not it’s the team that takes these actions.

When looking at the team members responsible for the strategies, don’t forget to look at the workload of the individual team members. If one person is the only name responsible for anything on the list, then it’s not a good strategy. Check in with the team to hold them accountable for their place in the overall strategy. This way you can assure that adjustments are made with just one person rather than derailing an entire goal.


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