We all know that the pandemic has been challenging at the very least for businesses of all sizes, either due to being extremely busy or taking huge hits to profits. One of the things that we are seeing from our business owners and leaders is a constant challenge to keep customers happy and safe – because it is a measurable fact that the cost to keep a great customer is far less than acquiring a new one (don’t know your cost of acquisition? That’s a topic for another day.) A customer’s lifetime value to your business is the most important consideration, and the longer a customer stays with you, that lifetime value increases.

How are you keeping your customers safe, and letting them know that they are served in the process? Here’s 3 easy things to keep on your radar:


First and foremost, the safety of your customers and team is the most important consideration at all times. Show your customers and employees that their safety is top of mind. Get credit for the steps you are taking by being transparent.

One thing that we have been seeing quite frequently is companies posting on social media photos of the team getting together or working together in close proximity without masks. Think about your most physically vulnerable or immune-compromised customer – are you giving that person confidence that they can work with you without getting sick? Mask-less group photos are not modeling safe behaviors and should stay off public forums.


Our Disney+ account was having trouble earlier this week, and it gave us the inspiration for this topic. When navigating the “Help” section of their website, it was easy to find the answers that we needed, and when we did need to speak to someone, it was a simple click and call for us to speak to a human being that quickly solved the problem.

Is it easy for your customer to reach you? Navigate your own website, phone system, or social media as if you were a brand new customer. If you knew nothing about your business, would it be easy for you to find what you were looking for? If you were checking in with customers on a monthly basis, make it more frequent. Customers are stressed as you are, and they can find confidence and stability in companies that they trust. Don’t rely too heavily on automated or e-mail methods of communication. A personal touch is just what your customers are looking for right now.

Measuring customer service results becomes more important than ever. There are many services out there that can track and follow the customer service results through reviews and ratings. We can provide you with some great referrals of companies our clients have used successfully.


An attitude of gratitude could not be more important during a stressful time. Thank your customers personally, and thank them often. Thank them for sticking with you while times are tough.

Be sure that every team member that interacts with them even in a small way is friendly, courteous, responsive, and projects gratitude every time. How are your customer-facing employees being trained? Putting together a training program for your team on every aspect of the customer process is critically important. Do your employees know what to say when they are asked certain questions? Chances are, they are fielding similar questions all day long, and they should be given a short, quick answer that they can confidently repeat. If you need assistance with developing a training plan, our coaches are experts. We have even gone so far as to train customer service staff to determine a customer’s personality profile quickly so they can respond in a way that will speak to the customer’s preferred communication method.


With all of these things on point, your customers are sure to return to your business again and again.


Are you having trouble keeping great customers? Need a training plan for your employees? Our team can help. Connect with us today to set up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with our certified award-winning coaches.

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