Last week, Darren Hardy, as a part of his Darren Daily video, shared a story about olive trees, and the fruit that is produced by it. He goes on to say that olive oil, which over many thousands of years has been prized as a fuel to power light, as part of religious ceremonies, and of course as a culinary delicacy, takes years and years to perfect. The fact is, olive trees have to go through hell and back in order to produce 1 liter of oil. The mature trees, cared for properly which includes proper pruning, disease and pest management and weather, produce fruit that is inedible. The fruit then has to be carefully harvested, cleaned, and brined, and only then will that olive be able to be pressed into its most expensive form, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s no wonder that it is so valuable, but also so delicious!

Your Path to Produce Fruit

Have you ever felt that you just can’t take another setback in your business? Like the phrase “it’s not fair” is permanently ingrained in your mindset? You are not alone.

You, in fact, are a product of all of the challenges that are put forth in the course of your life. The bumpy path that has been set for you and the hard work that has gone into the production of your successful business make you even more valuable. Did you know that the same olive tree grown in perfect, fertile soil produces the lowest-quality oil? Deep, fertile soils that would be important for growth in other orchard fruits such as peaches, applies, cherries, and vegetables are actually a negative for olives. In great soils, olives tend to grow too tall and produce little fruit. However, a well-pruned, streamlined plant is much more fruitful and valuable.

The business experience gained from mistakes, failures, and circumstances beyond your control can only help your knowledge and experience. Having a critical set of eyes on every part of your business can help you to “prune” the unnecessary tasks and improve focus in order to make your business grow profitable. Having a team alignment, ensuring the entire organization is focused on the same goal, also gives laser focus to the growth at hand.

You Are Valuable

When you see olives in their just-picked state, they look nothing like the delicious, salty olives, or the valuable oil that we all use daily and has been a part of human life since at least 2000 BC.  Olives have to be hand-harvested, and as soon as they fall to the ground, they will be bruised and no longer produce the high-quality olive oil they’re looking for, so they have to be caught in a net placed above the ground. Machine harvesting damages the fruit and a machine cannot tell when the fruit is ready to be picked, so human interaction is the only way for the fruit to thrive.

Our teams cannot just be fed through a machine and thrown to the ground. Regular feedback ensures that we know where that employee stands, and when they are ready to move up or require more training to succeed. Positive team culture assures that every member of the team, no matter their diverse abilities, is able to shine and help reach the goals of the business owner. You can have your team working with you to make this happen, and lower your stress in the process! Win-win!

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