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Here at ActionCOACH, effective and happy teams are one of the most, if not the most, important ways that business owners can grow their business. During Coaching sessions, team dynamics and relationships are at the top of the agenda every time. If having a team that works well together, collaborates, communicates effectively and is producing at the top of their game sounds impossible, let’s talk about some ways you can lead your team in that direction every day.

Train Your Team

One of my daughters’ preschool teachers tells a story that always resonates with me. Her daughter kept acting out in church, talking too loudly, wiggling too much and generally doing what preschoolers do in quiet situations. She whispered to her “Susie, behave!” and her daughter responded “but mom, I’m being have”. Susie didn’t know what she was supposed to do – except to be “have”. Susie’s mom could have said be quiet, sit still or anything that has a clear, direct action associated with it.

Your employees are the same – they need to have clear, achievable goals and need to know how to get there. That doesn’t mean that the business owner needs to be the one to train all future employees. Empowering the future generation of leaders in your organization to be mentors to newer, less experienced employees helps drive their personal development and willingness to perform at the top of their game. Future leaders can easily be identified through this process and can strive to become a mentor to another employee.

Get in a Rhythm of Communication

Teams have a natural need to know what is going on within the organization, so a systematic way to disseminate information is crucial to a team’s effectiveness. There are several ways to do this and making sure each team member is consistently “in the loop” is the first and most important step. Short, efficient huddles prior to the start of the workday get everyone working toward the same daily goal. Monthly and quarterly updates help to address big picture goal-achievement. Regularly scheduled, short one-to-one sessions with each team member helps that person feel special and valued.

Big news, good or bad, should be communicated to the entire team. Don’t just make it sunshine and rainbows if the reality of your business is not.

Establish Rituals and Stick to Them

Rituals for your team, consistently applied, can be an extremely effective way to build a strong team. Set a ritual for welcoming a new team member, saying goodbye or moving on, or special occasions can become anticipated events in the team culture.

The most important ritual that will pay off in dividends is saying thank you. Recognize even small victories, milestones, and achievements. Recognize effort and results. These small acts can mean the world to your team and they will work hard for you in return!

Want to know more about having a fabulous, hard-working, drama-free team? We would love to help. Our coaches can let you know where you are and help determine where you want to be through many channels, including ongoing one-on-one coaching services for businesses of all sizes. Our team’s vision is to Improve Businesses through Improving People and we live this every day.

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