This is the first installment in a 2-part series. Look for the next 3 steps next Friday, October 11!

Here at ActionCOACH, effective and happy teams are one of the most, if not the most, important ways that business owners can grow their business. During Coaching sessions, team dynamics and relationships are at the top of the agenda every time. If having a team that works well together, collaborates, communicates effectively and is producing at the top of their game sounds impossible, let’s talk about some ways you can lead your team in that direction every day.

Have a Team Alignment Day

During a Team Alignment, it’s a time to step away from the grind of the business and focus on setting the team on the same path. Ineffective teams are likely not even reading the same book, much less being on the same page! The team is refreshed on the vision of the organization, and goals are clearly communicated. Make sure that the team has tons of fun along the way, which will help team members connect on a different level and root for each other as the organization navigates through executing goals.

A strategy to have a super effective Team Day is a “Rules of the Game” conversation. Team members create the Rules of the Game – a set of culture points that let team members know what is off-limits. and how we should interact with each other. New team members as they are onboarded are given this set of “Rules” from day one that helps them align with the team as well.

Involve Team in Planning

High-growth and highly efficient teams have one thing in common – they are fantastic planners. They know where they are and where they are going at any time throughout their business journey. As one of our clients said, we had our foot on top of their foot on the accelerator and made sure they didn’t stop! Why not involve your team in this process? Teams love to own the journey, giving them a sense of satisfaction in the victory of reaching the goals. Pair team members up on a project and have them establish the systems for the organization. Let them own the success.

Host an After-Work Event

Work hard, play hard. Teams that develop healthy friendships outside of work will consistently root for each other’s successes at work. Host a company-sponsored event with food and fun to bring your team together. Go to a baseball game, meet for happy hour, share in a local activity – it could be anything! A recent Gallup Study, found that “employee engagement database shows that a mere two out of 10 U.S. employees strongly agree they have a best friend at work. Yet, by moving that ratio to six in 10, organizations could realize 36% fewer safety incidents, 7% more engaged customers, and 12% higher profit.”1 A 12% profit increase from one initiative is nothing to sneeze at.

Look for part 2 of the series next Friday, October 11. See you then!

Want to know more about having a fabulous, hard-working, drama-free team? We would love to help. Our coaches can let you know where you are and help determine where you want to be through many channels, including ongoing one-on-one coaching services for businesses of all sizes. Our team’s vision is to Improve Businesses through Improving People and we live this every day.

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Mann, A. (2018, January 15). Why We Need Best Friends at Work [Blog Post]. Retrieved from

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