Ok, so you’ve decided your business needs some help. At least you as the business owner needs some help, and you have decided Business Coaching is the way to go. How do you know that Business Coaching is working? We’ve noticed our happiest clients have these 8 things in common:

Your view of yourself, your team, and your business has been challenged. Someone is asking you what your part in the problem was, and you can tell them what it is. Someone is asking you who hired, trained, and coaches your team members. You have your eyes wide open on the challenges in your business and you are able to effectively communicate those challenges and their solutions.

You are extremely excited about the future. You can be excited about the future of your business because the long-term vision has been expressed and communicated to your whole team. You have a short-term plan to take the steps necessary to reach your long-term goals. These goals seem achievable and not overwhelming. You have someone to hold you accountable to those short-term plans.

You are frustrated and want all of the “problems” to go away. You are no longer sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the opportunities you have in your business. You have discovered some of the specific reasons for your business’ underperformance rather than a general sense of failure. If you’re in a happy coaching relationship, you realize that you must change in order for your business to change. Being “OK” as a leader is no longer good enough.

You are feeling humbled or sheepish. You are accepting that most of the business’s limitations start with you. You are accepting and owning the problems, which gives you more control to fix them. Who hired that underperforming employee? Who trained that underperforming employee? Who is giving them feedback (or should be giving them feedback)?

You are excited about being a leader again. You are reminded that as you grow, so will your team and your business. Great leaders are placed in that role to grow not only themselves but their team as leaders. Executive coaching can help you realize your potential as a leader.

Your personal life is improving. Learning positivity and self-care as a leader will improve you not only while you work on and in your business, but with your loved ones. They get to reap the benefits of coaching, too! Your coach will work through how much time you want to spend with your loved ones, how much time you are spending, and the gaps between those numbers. People are more important than things. Let’s starting enjoying them more.

You waste less time and energy. Have you ever felt like there’s not enough hours in the day? Most leaders feel the same way. A great coach helps you focus and holds you accountable to the “critical few” – i.e. the achievable actions that you can take to help your business the most.

Your team is operating with less input from you. When you hire the right team, provide a clear vision, set clear expectations, set the “rules of the game” in a positive company culture, and support your team when needed, people soar. You can have more time to work ON your business, rather than IN your business.

Have you ever though that these things were possible as a business owner? They are. A business coach can and should help you achieve these things for the long term as your business grows bigger than you ever dreamed. We want you to spend less time in your business and make more money. Sound too good to be true? We have 15 years’ worth of happy clients that would tell you otherwise.

Want to know more? Contact us today to find out how coaching can work for you.

Pete, Peg & Michelle

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Director of Marketing, ActionCOACH Columbus

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